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Are You a Titanic maniac?

think you know all ther is to know about Jack, Rose and the ship 
that launched their love? Put Yourself to the test!


1. The first line to leave Jack Dawson's lips is:
a) "Make it count"
b) "When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose."
c) "I'm the king of the world."

2. Jack secured his two tickets for Titanic with which winning pocker hand?
a) three or a kind
b) a royal flush
c) a full house

3. What does Rose do to show off at the party in steerage?
a) arm wrestle with Tommy
b) turn cartwheels
c) pose on tiptoe

4. True or false? Titanic was a member of the White Sun fleet.

5. How far did Titanic sink to it's watery grave?
a) two and a half miles
b) five miles
c) nearly 20 miles

6. How many carats was the diamond in the necklace Cal gave Rose?
a) 26
b) 56
c) 76

7. What is the name of the priceless gem?
a) The Heart Of The Ocean
b) The Eye Of The Ocean
c) The Heart Of The Sea

8. What does Jack write in his note to Rose?

9. What is the name of the Ship that picked up the survivors?
a) Californian
b) Carpathia
c) Mauritania

10. When do Jack and Rose first kiss?
a) after he teaches her how to spit
b) during the steerage shindig
c) while balancing on the ship's bow

11. How much does the starving artist charge for a portrait?
a) 10 cents
b) $1
c) $10

12. How does Jack sign his portrait of Rose?

13. How many times in the movie does Jack say "I Love You" to Rose?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2

14. How many times does Rose say " I Love You" to Jack?
a) 0
b) 1 
c) 2

15. What is responsible for Cal's death?
a) a falling smokestack
b) a leaky lifeboat
c) the stock-market crash of 1929

16. By what name does Rose identify herself after she is rescued?


Give yourself one point for every correct answer

8."Make it count. Meet me at the clock"
12.April 14th 1912, J.D.
16.Rose Dawson

10 to 16 pts
Titan Of Titanic
If you ever have three and a quarter hours to spare, 
chances are you can be found at theater, 
watching this epic tale or the umpteenth time. 

5 to 9 pts
Smooth Sailor
Well, you're not an all-out Titanic addict...yes.
 But if you catch the movie a couple more times,
 you could be on your way

Less than 5 pts
The only cure for you low Titanic IQ is 
to go and see the saga again. 
Don't worry- there are plenty of people out
 there who'll join you

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