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The Rose Of The Titanic

A Rose by any other name
Would still look as beautiful and sweet
But without Jack to call her name
Her life shall never be complete
The elegance and fairness in her face
Took my very breath away
If only she could know their fate
Lay in the dark deep
His exisquite qualities
Unchanged by the servereness of time
His undying love for her burns with no lies
For her, he would die trying
They meet through intent of suicide
What a deranged way to find love
But their fondness for each other could not be denied
Even by the watchmen sitting atop and above
But an egotistical maniac though clouded eyes did not see
The hate he had built in her heart
He would rather decieved
Rather discard light, choosing dark
The icy water moved through the steel like knives
The fate of many sealed in carelessness
The cost of hundereds of lives
Was less than a top decks bareness
The smell of money and diamonds
Assualting the nostrils of the boat guards
The feel of money and diamonds
Keeping them from sending women and children forward
The melancholy wail
Of a sole violin played on
The cries of people made a trail
To where the dead had gone
If you jump, I jump
A solemn promise made so long ago
Still applied to the love they fleetingly had
With each other they could wurvive the watery below
Existing on only a door
She sang to the starfilled night
The coldness she could ignore
As long as she could focus on him, her light
I'll never let go
A swear they made to each other
Even through a ships undertow
Their love kept them together
He's Rose's Jack and she's Jack's Rose
Both drinking steadily from love's potion
Others souls cling and go
But these two are the heart of the ocean

Diana Cleveland, 14

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