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To give Kate a perfectly pale, 
complexion, Tina used 
a foundation with a dewy
finish. "The secret is powdering
 it in, so you get 
that lovely porcelain look,"
 she says.
Then she blended just a little bit
 of cream
blush onto Kate's cheeks and chin,
 as well
at her brow bone.

Eyes    And    Lips

"They didn't really use
mascara in those days;
they used kohl on their eyes.
So we tried to replicate the
period feel,"says Tina
"I used a kohl around Kate's eyes,
so when she cried it ran and it
looked authentic." Tina also
applied a pale-pink powder to
Kate's lids to emphasize her blue
eyes. To give her lashes a glossy
finish, Tina used The Body Shop
Brow & Lash Gel in clear.
For Kate's daytime lip look, Tina
combined two pencils to get a coral
color, which she then topped with a gloss.
For the evening scenes, she used
a combination of darker
pencils and a touch of gloss
to achieve a ruch plum shade.

A    perfect    Rose

Kate Winslet makes waves with 
a look that's as
winning as her performance.
Here's how she got so gorgeous.

Keeping Kate Winslet looking 
lovely wasn't your average
work day for London-based 
makeup artist Tina Earnshaw.
"I was in the water with Kate 
nearly the whole time,"
says Tina, who wore a wet suit
 and stored her cosmetics
and tools in a floating plastic box.
 Working outdoors
under the strong Mexico sun posed 
another challenge:
Despite plenty of sunblock, Kate 
developed a golden 
tan that had to be covered with 
pale body makeup for 
her nude scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.
 Still Tina was
determined to create an authentic 
beauty. "Kate had to look glamorous.
She was a society girl"


A natural brunette, Kate
loved going red for the movie,
says Los-Angeles-based stylist
Campbell McAuley, who cuts her hair.
Titanic hair-stylist Kay Georgui
touched up the roots every few weeks.
Kate also wore extensions to give her
fine locks more length and volume.
The end result: a beautiful Rose.
"Kate loved the look," says Tina.
"She couldn't get enough of it.
She adored lookin flawless."

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