I Played Leo's Best Friend

You'd think that after more than half a year of grueling, six-day work weeks- during which the actors were often required to work through the night until 7am- 29 year-old Danny Nucci would be tired of Titanic. Not so. In fact, when recalling his days on the set of the film, Danny, who portrayed Jack Dawson's pal Fabrizio, focuses on how much fun he had.

"Because of the logistical difficulties of making this film and how long the setups took," Danny says. "we were always having a couple hours to go to Leo's room and play Nintendo 64. Or we'd play Tomb Raider on the Play Station." Another favorite activity for Titanic's off-duty actors: rocking out n an impromptu band. "Me and Billy Zane, a couple other guys, some of the actors and crew members, would all get together and jam for hours. Billy would grab his bass; I'd bring my guitar." and Leo? "He would just come in and start singing at the top of his lungs to embarrass us," says Danny. "I figured out the chords to 'I Will Survive,' and he started singing it in a high pitched voice. The Kate would come in and make fun of us all," Between takes, Leo would do deadon impressions of everyone from musicians(Marilyn Manson performing "The Beautiful People", for one) to actors crew members, you name it. "Kate would be trying to stop laughing, And if he saw her do that, she was dead. He just kept going."

The shoot wasn't all fun and games, however, Danny recalls one particularly arduous day when he and Leo were filming the now-famous "I'm The King Of The World" scene atop the ship's bow. "The scene called for is to be absolutely enthralled and elated with life at the moment," says Danny, "But I had to go to the bathroom so bad. And Leo hadn'e eaten- he was starving." Although they were in major discomfort, the two had no choice but to stick it out for the next three and a half hours, until the scene was wrapped. "It was a huge deal to come down, because they had to put us on this crance to get us up there," he says. And even worse: "Leo and I were miked, so we couldn't complain. We just stared at each other like, 'I hate my life." That's a sentiment Danny is no longer feeling these days: playing a part in the most succesful film of all times has had an invigorating effect on his career. "I think what's happened because of Titnaic is the population is a little aware of who I am," says Danny. Look for him in three upcoming film: The Unknown Cyclist, Sugar and The Outfitters.

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